About us

We began in Switzerland with two employees in 2003. In the meantime more than 200 employees work for ImmoSky in Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria.

Our sales volume has increased significantly each year. A steadily growing number of real estate owners are mandating us to sell their apartments, residential houses or commercial buildings. They are convinced that our Internet-based marketing strategy and the profound knowledge of our agents will inevitably result in the sale of their real estate properties.

If you are inclined to buy a house we are looking for the property of your dreams – and we are very successful in this regard. We are sending you a detailed exposé as soon as a residential property is matching your profile.

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Therefore we are constantly improving our structure, processes and systems. Furthermore our proper academy is responsible to continuously train all ImmoSky agents.

Give us a try! It would be our pleasure to show you how well we can serve you.

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