Terms and Conditions

Important legal note

Persons, who retrieve information from the websites of the ImmoSky AG ("ImmoSky Website"), agree with the conditions stated below. Possible special agreements concerning several services and/or products of the ImmoSky AG ("ImmoSky") step aside to these conditions; in case of contradiction these special agreements have priority.

No offer, freedom of obligation

The information published on the ImmoSky website do neither represent a recommendation nor an offer nor a request for rental fees, purchase, sale, financing and/or insurance of estate properties, or conclude any legal transaction. Furthermore, letting and/or sale of the offered properties ad interim are reserved. Errors and omissions excepted.

The published information and expressions of opinion are provided by ImmoSky exclusively for personal use as well as for information purposes; they can be modified at any time and without prior notice. ImmoSky does not accept any responsibility (both explicit and implied) for correctness, completeness, and up-to-dateness of the information or expressions of opinion published on the ImmoSky website. In particular ImmoSky is not obliged to remove outdated informationf rom the ImmoSky website or to identify information as outdated. Particularly frame data, city map details, financing proposals, etc. are counted hereunder. The information on the ImmoSky website does neither represent decision guidance for legal, financial, fiscal or other advisory questions nor is it permissible to make purchase or other decisions solely due to this information. It is recommended to seek advice by a qualified expert.

Limitation of liability

ImmoSky exclude without restriction any liability for loss and/or damages of any kind - whether direct, indirect or consequential damages -, which may arise from the use of and/or the access to the ImmoSky website or of links to a website of a third party. In addition ImmoSky disclaims any liability for manipulations of the IT-system of the internet user by unauthorized persons. At that occasion ImmoSky would like to explicitly point out the danger of viruses and the possibility of directed attacks by hackers. Due to debugging it is recommended to use up-to-date browser versions as well as the installation of constantly updated anti-virus software. The reading of emails send out by an unknown sender and of not expected attachments of emails should generally be avoided.

Linked websites (Links)

Certain links on ImmoSky websites lead to websites of third parties. These are entirely deprived from the influence by ImmoSky. That is the reason why ImmoSky does not accept any responsibility for the correctness, completeness, and legitimacy of the content of such websites as well as for possible offers and services stated on those websites.

Regional legal constrictions

The ImmoSky website is not intended for persons, who are subject to legal order that prohibits the publication and/or the access to the ImmoSky website (due to the nationality of the respective person, his or her residence, or due to other reasons). Persons, to whom such restrictions can be applied, are not allowed to access the ImmoSky website.

Use of the ImmoSky website

The entire content of the ImmoSky website is copyright reserved. The saving or printing out of individual pages and/or parts of the ImmoSky website is allowed as far as neither copyright notes nor other legally protected notes are taken out. With the saving or other duplications of software or other data on the ImmoSky website the respective user conditions are assumed to be accepted. All property rights remain with ImmoSky. The reproduction (complete or in parts), transmission (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or usage of the ImmoSky website for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written agreement by ImmoSky.

Property of the site and trade mark right

"ImmoSky" as well as the ImmoSky logo are registered trade marks of ImmoSky AG. No part of the ImmoSky website is designed in such fashion that a licence or a right for the use of pictures, of a registered trade mark or of a logo is granted by it. Due to the download or copy from the ImmoSky website no rights concerning the software or elements on the website are assigned to you. ImmoSky reserves all rights (especially copyrights and trade mark rights) regarding all elements on the ImmoSky website. ImmoSky reserves the right to avail itself of all opportunities of implementing those rights.

ImmoSky is not the owner of all trade marks contained in the information, documents, and specifications, which are mentioned on the website. In this regard the conditions for the respective trade marks are to be applied.