Our Offer

As member of the Swiss Franchise Association, our franchise system is not only proven in practice, all operating manuals, system tools and contracts have been checked repeatedly by independent entities and all franchisees are members of the ImmoSky advisory board that constantly enhances ImmoSky with ideas and suggestions from the franchisees.

We provide exclusive licenses for individual countries, regions and territories at the following conditions:

  • one-time franchise fee: depending on the size of the territory
  • ongoing franchise fee: depending on contract type

The one-time franchise fee serves, on the one hand, to assure the mutual interests and on the other hand to cover the high initial costs of a new region (recruiting and training new call centre agents, software adaptation, partner negotiations, intensive adjustment on location). Staggered modes of payment can be negotiated to keep the financial load down on the future franchisee in the initial phase.

The ongoing franchise fee covers all services of the Immosky service centre, including the cost-intensive canvassing for your growth.

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