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When you buy or sell a property, it’s essential to know its market value. A professional property estimation is the first step. We can give you an initial estimate for free online to get you started. Read on to find out all about this service.

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    We can estimate the price of your house or apartment in just a few steps.
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    Our no-obligation property valuation tool is free to use.
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    We work with the tried and tested online tool of the well-known company Wüest Partner.

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How an online property valuation works


Enter property details

Just a few details are needed for a rough estimate.


Receive an estimated value

After submitting your details, you will receive en email with a rough estimate as a PDF file.


Request a detailed valuation

We recommend you ask our experts to complete a free valuation to determine the property’s exact value.

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At the moment, it is not possible to value multi-family houses, commercial properties and building land online.
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Build on the rough estimate with a detailed valuation

Detailed valuation by the ImmoSky experts

Detailed valuation by ImmoSky experts

Following a rough valuation of your property, it is advisable to determine the current market value more precisely. We do this using a recognised valuation tool by a well-known specialist company. This means our experts have access to an extensive database with countless comparable transactions.

Real estate valuation


Would you like some professional assistance in selling your property?

At ImmoSky, you will find a personal estate agent who will guide you through the entire sale process both skilfully and professionally. With our efficient service, we will find new owners quickly and achieve the best selling price for your property.
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Frequently asked questions about property valuations

  • Which method is used for the online valuation?


    The free online valuation is conducted using the hedonic pricing method, which compares the selling prices in similar transactions to estimate the value of your property.

  • What is the hedonic pricing method?


    Also known as the comparative or statistical method, the hedonic pricing method can be used anywhere. It takes various criteria into account to work out the market price. More than 70 characteristics of the property are recorded and compared with similar real estate transactions.

    These can be broken down into the following main criteria:

    • Macro-location
      Regional factors including infrastructure, taxes, amenities, transport links and proximity to jobs, etc.
    • Micro-location
      Distance to schools, shops, cultural amenities, public transport links, recreation areas and civic centres
    • Quantitative property details
      Total floor space, volume, useful area, number of rooms, etc.
    • Qualitative property details
      Year of construction, conditions, standard, etc.
    • Special factors that increase or decrease value

    The hedonic pricing model is best suited to standard properties. Character homes or mixed-use properties (residential and commercial properties) need to be valued using experience and professional expertise alongside key statistical data.

    The resulting final value is not the same as the effective selling price, but is merely a price estimate based on a comparison of the market data examined.

  • Which properties can be priced using the tool?


    The property valuation tool gives you a free estimate of how much your house or apartment in Switzerland is worth in just a few clicks. Please contact ImmoSky for a no-obligation valuation of multi-family dwellings, investment properties and building plots. For a successful sale, it is advisable to ask one of our estate agents to complete a professional property valuation as well as obtaining a digital estimate.

  • What are the main considerations when estimating the market value of a property?


    Real estate value is determined by the market (i.e. demand), location and the nature of the property itself. This means that information about these parameters is needed to value a property.
    Market factors which play a role in assessing the property:

    • Economic trends
    • Employment trends
    • Purchasing power
    • Market liquidity
    • Location image

We value our clients – and your property

We are there when you need us

We are there when you need us

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