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Owning a property gives you security and is a good investment for the future.
Our advisers will help you to find a suitable financing solution for your chosen property.

You can rely on us to support you as a strong partner. Request independent mortgage advice now.

Mortgage consulting from ImmoSky


What is it?

  • Independent advice by experienced experts
  • Free of charge with no strings attached
  • First-rate mortgage deals
  • From analysis to agreement in principle
  • Decision within 48 hours as a rule

Who is it for?

  • Clients who are buying a property through ImmoSky
  • Clients who are not buying a property through ImmoSky
  • Potential buyers who want to work out their budget
  • Property owners who are looking for a new mortgage deal


  • Initial financing
  • Bridging loan
  • Follow-on financing
  • Change of mortgage

How does mortgage consulting work?

  • 1

    Analysing your needs
    We look at your circumstances and financial situation.

  • 2

    Selecting providers
    We look at which financing partners are the best match for you.

  • 3

    Negotiating a deal
    We negotiate the best deal for you.

  • 4

    Supporting you through to completion
    We accompany you until ownership is transferred.

We find a solution tailored to you

We provide expert advice on all aspects, such as gifts, advances against inheritance, tax advantages/disadvantages and cover for disability/death. An in-depth analysis of your financial situation, personal goals and preferences enables us to plan the optimum financing strategy.

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Mortgage advice man with laptop and documents

How you benefit from ImmoSky’s mortgage advice

  • We can offer you the expertise of estate agents and financial experts under one roof
  • Independent advice:
    we compare the deals offered by different providers
  • Our advice is free of charge
  • We take care of the administration so you don’t have to

Further information

Online mortgage calculator

Online mortgage calculator

Use our online mortgage calculator to get a rough idea of how much you can borrow.
Simply enter your purchase price, equity and earnings to see at a glance whether you can afford your chosen property. Free of charge with no strings attached.

Go to Online Mortgage calculator

Mortgage Advice Brochure

Mortgage consulting brochure

Find out more about our mortgage advice service and the right way to finance a property.

download Brochure Mortgage consulting

Checklist for documents

Checklist for financing enquiries

To check an enquiry about financing, banks need documents relating to the property in question and your current financial situation. Any missing paperwork will delay the process, so please have the following documents to hand.

download Checklist Financing application

Frequently asked questions

You can find the answers to more questions about mortgages in our Mortgage Glossary & FAQ

  • Which mortgage model is right for me?


    There are different mortgage models. Which is the right one for you? Your financial resources play a role, as do your attitude to risk and anticipated developments in interest rates. In Switzerland, there are three types of mortgage: fixed-rate mortgages, variable-rate mortgages and SARON mortgages (money-market mortgages). For all mortgages, the interest rate depends on the amount of the loan and its term, market interest rates and your credit rating (creditworthiness).

  • How much equity do I need to get a mortgage?


    You need equity of at least 20%, whereby 10% must be real cash. Examples include savings, a savings balance from the 3rd pillar or advances against inheritance. A pension fund balance, for instance, is not classed as real cash.

  • How much can I afford to borrow on a mortgage?


    The interest, monthly repayments (amortisation), maintenance costs and bills must not exceed 33% of your remaining gross income. Banks will only approve applications up to this level.

Our mortgage partners

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We provide independent advice based on your personal circumstances and goals.

We are there when you need us

We are there when you need us

We are also happy to provide more information or arrange an appointment with a mortgage adviser.

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