Data protection

Privacy polidy of ImmoSky AG

The protection of your privacy is important to us. Our website is subject to the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and takes into account the key points of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU).

1. Responsability

Responsible for the collection and processing of personal data within the meaning of data protection legislation is

ImmoSky AG
Lagerstrasse 14
8600 Dübendorf

Any data protection concerns or questions regarding the processing of personal data can be directed to the following contact point: ImmoSky AG, Data Protection Consultancy, or by telephone on +41 44 344 52 52.

2. Personal data and terms

Personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, etc. ("personal data"). ("personal data").

Any handling of personal data, regardless of the means and procedures used, in particular the collection, procurement, storage, use, processing, disclosure, archiving or deletion of data, is considered processing ("processing" or "processed"). A data subject is any natural person about whom personal data is processed ("data subject").

The controller is any private person or federal body that, alone or together with others, decides on the purpose and means of processing ("controller"). Processor is a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller ("processor").

3. From whom do we receive your personal data?

We collect most personal data directly from you when you provide it to us by contacting us in writing or by telephone or when you use our services. We also process personal data that we receive from interested parties and applicants for jobs. However, we may also obtain personal data from you from a third party, e.g. if you or the company you work for make use of our services, participate in our events or we obtain data from publicly accessible sources (e.g. debt collection registers, land registers, commercial registers, press, internet, media, social media). data (e.g. information from the media and internet, creditworthiness information, your addresses and, if applicable, interests and other socio-demographic data). We may also receive data from other companies (including those within our group of companies), from authorities and other third parties (credit agencies, address dealers) or your environment, or if you use our website or other applications from us. We collect the data mentioned in this paragraph for the purposes listed below (section 5 of this privacy policy), unless otherwise stated.

If you have given us your consent to process your personal data for specific purposes (e.g. when you register to receive newsletters), we will process your personal data within the set framework and based on this consent. We can also base the processing of personal data on other legal bases, if necessary. These include, for example, the fulfilment of a contract, the implementation of pre-contractual measures or the protection of other legitimate interests.

If you are acting on behalf of a third party or providing us with information about a third party, you represent that you are an authorised representative or agent of that third party and/or that you have obtained all necessary consents from that third party to the collection, processing, use and disclosure of their personal data to us or by us in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and that such personal data is accurate.

4. What personal data do we process?

In principle, we process the data and information about you that is required to conduct the business relationship with you. To the extent permitted by law and necessary for the business relationship, this may also include particularly sensitive personal data. We generally process the following personal data about you:

  1. Technical data: When you use our website or other electronic services (e.g. as a visitor to our shops using our free Wi-Fi), we collect the IP address of your end device and other technical data to ensure the functionality and security of these services. This data also includes logs in which the use of our systems is recorded. To ensure the functionality of these services, we may also assign you or your device a personalised code (e.g. in the form of a cookie, see section 14 of this privacy policy).

    The technical data includes the IP address, the referrer URL (website from which the access was made) and information about the operating system of your end device, the date, region and time of use as well as the type of browser you use to access our electronic offers. This can help us to transmit the correct formatting of the website or, for example, to show you a website customised for your region. Although we know from the IP address which provider you are using to access our offers (and therefore also the region), we cannot usually deduce who you are from this. This changes if you create a user account, for example, because personal data can then be linked to technical data (e.g. we can see which browser you are using to access an account via our website). Examples of technical data include logs that accumulate in our systems (e.g. the log of user logins on our website).
  2. Registration data: Various offers and services (e.g. login areas of our website for newsletters, search subscriptions, etc.) can only be used with a user account or registration, which can be done directly with us or via our external login service providers (e.g. for newsletters). In doing so, you must provide us with certain data and we collect data on the use of the offer or service. Registration data may be collected for access controls to certain systems; depending on the control system, biometric data may also be collected.

    Registration data includes the information you provide when you create an account on our website (e.g. user name, password, name, e-mail address). However, registration data also includes the data that we may require from you before you can make use of certain free services, such as sending newsletters, in this case: name, e-mail; or redeeming vouchers, in this case: name, address, contact details, time of redemption. As part of access controls, we may need to register you with your data (access codes in badges, biometric data for identification).
  3. Communication data: If you contact us via the contact form, by e-mail, telephone, letter or other means of communication, we collect the data exchanged between you and us (e.g. first name/last name, telephone number, e-mail address) including your contact details and the marginal data of the communication (type/place and time of contact, content of the contact, any information about third parties).
  4. Master data: We define master data as the basic data that we require in addition to the contract data (see also lit. e)) for the processing of our contractual and other business relationships or for marketing and advertising purposes, such as name, contact details and information, e.g. about your role and function, your bank account(s), your date of birth, customer history, powers of attorney, signature authorisations and declarations of consent. We process your master data if you are a customer or other business contact or work for one (e.g. as a contact person of the business partner), or because we want to contact you for our own purposes or the purposes of a contractual partner (e.g. as part of marketing and advertising, with vouchers, with newsletters, etc.). We receive master data from you yourself (e.g. when making a purchase/sale or as part of a registration), from bodies for which you work or from third parties such as our contractual partners (e.g. property platforms), associations and address dealers and from publicly accessible sources such as public registers or the internet (websites, social media, etc.).

    Zu den Stammdaten gehören z.B. Daten wie Vorname/Nachname, Adresse, E-Mail-Adresse, Telefonnummer und andere Kontaktdaten, Geschlecht, Geburtsdatum, Nationalität, Angaben zu verbundenen Personen, Websites, Profile in sozialen Medien, Fotos und Videos; ferner Angaben über Ihre geschäftliche Beziehung mit uns (Interessent, Kunde, Käufer/Verkäufer, Lieferant, Besucher, Leistungsempfänger etc.We also collect information about your business relationship with us (prospective customer, buyer/seller, supplier, visitor, service recipient, etc.), information about your status with us, allocations, classifications and distribution lists, information about our interactions with you (possibly a history of these with corresponding entries), reports (e.g. from the media) or official documents (e.g. extracts from the commercial register, authorisations, etc.) that relate to you. We collect payment details such as your bank details, account number and credit card details. Consent or blocking notices are also part of the master data, as is information about third parties, e.g. contact persons, recipients of services, advertising recipients or representatives.

    Master data is not collected comprehensively in every case. Which data is collected in each case depends on the purpose of the relationship and the necessary processing.
  5. Contract data: This is data that arises in connection with the conclusion or processing of a contract, e.g. information on contracts and the services to be provided or provided, as well as data from the run-up to the conclusion of a contract, the information required or used for processing and information on reactions (e.g. complaints or information on satisfaction, etc.). We generally collect this data from you, from contractual partners and from third parties involved in the processing of the contract, but also from third-party sources (e.g. providers of creditworthiness data) and from publicly accessible sources.

    Contract data includes information about the conclusion of the contract, about your contracts, e.g. type and date of conclusion of the contract, information from the application process (such as an application for our products or services) and information about the contract in question (e.g. its duration) and the processing and administration of the contracts (e.g. information in connection with invoicing, customer service, support with technical matters and the enforcement of contractual claims). Contract data also includes information on defects, complaints and adjustments to a contract, as well as information on customer satisfaction, which we can collect e.g. by means of surveys. Contract data also includes financial data such as information on creditworthiness (i.e. information that allows conclusions to be drawn about the likelihood of claims being settled), reminders and debt collection. We receive some of this data from you (e.g. when you make payments), but also from credit agencies and debt collection agencies and from publicly accessible sources (e.g. a commercial register).
  6. Behavioural and preference data: Depending on the relationship we have with you, we try to get to know you and better tailor our products, services and offers to you. To do this, we collect and use data about your behaviour and preferences. We do this by evaluating information about your behaviour in our area, and we can also supplement this information with data from third parties, including from publicly accessible sources. Based on this, we can, for example, calculate the probability that you will use certain services or behave in a certain way. Some of the data processed for this purpose is already known to us (e.g. when you use our services), or we obtain this data by recording your behaviour (e.g. how you navigate our website).

    Behavioural data is information about certain actions, e.g. about your response to electronic communications (e.g. whether and when you opened an email) or about your location and your interaction with our social media profiles. For example, we may collect your location data wirelessly through unique codes sent by your mobile phone or when you use our website. We will inform you of the collection of anonymous movement profiles at the relevant locations by means of appropriate signs; we will only create a personalised movement profile with your consent. Preference data provides us with information about your needs, which products or services might be of interest to you or when and how you are likely to react to messages from us. We obtain this information from the analysis of existing data, such as behavioural data, so that we can get to know you better, tailor our advice and offers more precisely to you and generally improve our offers. In order to improve the quality of our analyses, we can link this data with other data that we also obtain from third parties such as address dealers, public authorities and publicly accessible sources such as the Internet. Behavioural and preference data can be evaluated on a personal basis (e.g. to show you personalised advertising), but also on a non-personal basis (e.g. for market research or product development). Behavioural and preference data can also be combined with other data (e.g. movement data can be used for contact tracing as part of a health protection concept).
  7. Other data: We also collect data from you in other situations. In connection with official or legal proceedings, for example, data is collected (such as files, evidence, etc.) that may also relate to you. We may receive or produce photos, videos and audio recordings in which you may be recognisable (e.g. at events, through security cameras, etc.). We may also collect data about who enters certain buildings or has access rights to them and when (including in the case of access controls, based on registration data or visitor lists, etc.), who takes part in events or campaigns and when, or who uses our infrastructure and systems and when. The retention period of this data depends on the purpose and is limited to what is necessary.

5. For what purposes do we process personal data?

We process your personal data in particular to fulfil our organisational purpose, to provide our services and to comply with our legal obligations. This includes the following purposes in particular:

  1. Provision and further development of our offers, services and website, apps and other external platforms on which we are present
  2. Communication with third parties and processing their enquiries (e.g. applications, media enquiries)
  3. Customer acquisition
  4. Credit or creditworthiness checks
  5. Advertising and marketing (including the organisation of events) and relationship management
  6. Guarantees of our operations, in particular IT, our website, apps and other platforms;
  7. Video surveillance to safeguard domiciliary rights and other IT security measures,
  8. Building and facility security and protection of our employees and other persons and assets belonging to or entrusted to us (e.g. access controls, visitor lists, network and mail scanners, telephone recordings);
  9. Market and opinion research, media monitoring to improve our services and operations and for product development
  10. Assertion of legal claims and defence in connection with legal disputes and official proceedings;
  11. Investigations, compliance and legal proceedings: This includes, for example, the clarification of possible misconduct, necessary monitoring and investigative measures within the framework of legal and other regulations, participation in official investigations and proceedings, the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims.
  12. Sale or purchase of business divisions, companies or parts of companies and other corporate transactions
  13. other purposes according to separate information or as evident from the circumstances

(hereinafter all collectively referred to as "purposes")

6. On what legal basis do we process your personal data?

We process your personal data for the above-mentioned purposes on the basis of the following legal bases:

If we ask you for your consent for certain processing (e.g. for the processing of particularly sensitive personal data, for newsletters, for marketing mailings, for search requests, for the creation of personalised movement profiles and for advertising control and behaviour analysis on the website), we will inform you separately about the corresponding purposes of the processing. You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future by sending us written notification (by post) or, unless otherwise stated or agreed, by email; our contact details can be found in section 1 of this privacy policy. Where you have a user account, a cancellation or contact with us may also be carried out via the relevant website or other service. Once we have received notification of the withdrawal of your consent, we will no longer process your data for the purposes to which you originally consented, unless we have another legal basis for doing so. The withdrawal of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Where we do not ask for your consent for processing, we base the processing of your personal data on the fact that the processing is necessary for the initiation or execution of a contract with you (or the entity you represent) or that we or third parties have a legitimate interest in it, in particular in order to pursue the purposes and associated objectives described above under Section 4 and to be able to implement corresponding measures. Our legitimate interests also include compliance with statutory provisions, insofar as this is not already recognised as a legal basis by the applicable data protection law. However, this also includes the marketing of our products and services, the interest in better understanding our markets and managing and further developing our company, including its operations, securely and efficiently.

7. Profiling and automated individual decisions?

We may automatically evaluate certain of your personal characteristics for the purposes specified in section 5 of this Privacy Policy using your personal data ("profiling") if we want to determine preference data, but also to identify risks of misuse and security risks, to carry out statistical analyses or for operational planning purposes. For the same purposes, we can also create profiles ("matching"), i.e. we can combine behavioural and preference data, but also master and contract data and technical data assigned to you in order to better understand you as a person with your different interests and other characteristics. With the help of "profiling" ("matching"), we can identify suitable offers for you from our database based on your search criteria.

In each case, we pay attention to the proportionality and reliability of the results, take measures and carry out manual checks against misuse of these profiles or "profiling".

8. To whom do we pass on your personal data?

To the extent permitted, we only disclose your personal data or make it accessible to third parties if they require your personal data to fulfil the business relationship. This may be necessary in connection with our contracts, the website, our services, legal obligations or otherwise to protect legitimate interests.

For the above-mentioned purposes (section 5 of this Privacy Policy) and based on a legal basis, we generally disclose your personal data to the following categories of third parties who process the personal data for the above-mentioned purposes on our behalf or for their own purposes in accordance with the law:

  1. Service providers who process the personal data on our behalf and/or on our instructions (e.g. banks, insurance companies, financial institutions and other organisations and so-called processors, such as IT companies in the area of maintenance and support who receive access to IT systems, providers of external storage space or outsourcing partners)
  2. other group companies of our group of companies
  3. Customers, dealers, suppliers and other business partners
  4. domestic and foreign authorities and other public bodies, such as social security institutions, social insurance funds, pension and health insurance funds, criminal and debt enforcement offices, courts, the withholding tax office or FINMA
  5. Competitors, industry organisations, associations and other bodies
  6. the public, including visitors to Immosky AG websites and social media

  7. courts, arbitration bodies, law enforcement authorities, regulators, lawyers and other parties in potential or actual legal proceedings where necessary for compliance with the law or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal rights or claims
  8. acquirers or parties interested in acquiring business divisions, companies or other parts of Immosky AG.

(hereinafter all collectively referred to as "Recipients").

The recipients are obliged to fully comply with confidentiality and the applicable data protection law at all times and to implement the appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure the personal data and protect it against unauthorised or unlawful processing, unintentional loss, alteration, disclosure or access.

9. Transfer of personal data to a third country?

We generally process and store your personal data on servers in Switzerland. If necessary and legally permissible, we also transfer your personal data to recipients located outside Switzerland and the European Economic Area in a country that does not guarantee adequate data protection. If personal data is transferred to a country without adequate data protection, we ensure adequate protection by using sufficient guarantees, such as on the basis of the EU standard contractual clauses, binding internal data protection guidelines, or rely on legal exceptions for certain cases, such as the consent of the employee, if this is necessary for the fulfilment of the employment contract with the employee or for the establishment, exercise or enforcement of legal claims.

Questions about such data transfers and which guarantees are applied in specific cases can be directed at any time to the contact person named above (section 1 of this privacy policy).

10. How long do we store personal data?

We generally only store your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. In addition, we process and store personal data for a longer period if we are obliged to do so (e.g. due to statutory or contractual retention and documentation obligations) or if we have a legitimate interest in doing so (e.g. for reasons of proof for the assertion, exercise or defence of legal claims until the expiry of the limitation periods, which can generally be five to ten years). As soon as your personal data is no longer required for the above-mentioned purposes, it will be deleted or anonymised.

11. What rights do you have?

You have the right to obtain information about the personal data concerning you that we process. You also have the right to request that we rectify, erase or restrict the personal data concerning you and to object to its processing. In certain cases, you also have the right to receive the data generated when using online services in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format (data portability), which enables further use and transmission. If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future (i.e. without effect on the authorised processing until revocation).

If we make a decision based on automated processing, including profiling, about an individual person (i.e. if a decision is made on the basis of an algorithm, without judgement by a natural person), which produces legal effects concerning the data subject or similarly significantly affects them, the data subject can speak to a responsible person at our company and ask them to reconsider the decision. A corresponding automated decision including profiling exists in the following cases

  • Creation of a "matching profile" in which your search parameters are compared with the offer from our database. 

In addition, you have the right to enforce your claims in court or to lodge a complaint with the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), the competent data protection authority in Switzerland.

Enquiries and requests in connection with these rights or other questions relating to data protection should be addressed to the contact person named above (Section 1 of this Privacy Policy).

12. Security

We have implemented technical and organisational measures to maintain the security of your personal data and to protect it against unauthorised or unlawful processing, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or access. However, we can only secure areas that we can control ourselves. However, we also oblige our contract processors to take appropriate security measures. However, security risks cannot generally be completely ruled out; residual risks are unavoidable. Unless otherwise agreed, we accept no liability for breaches of these security provisions unless they are intentional or due to gross negligence.

13. Data processing through use of the website

During your visit to the website, general information is automatically collected (e.g. date of your visit, time zone, type of web browser and its settings, version and language, your IP address, MAC address of the end device (e.g. computer or mobile phone), the operating system used, content accessed and the domain name of your Internet service provider). We use this data for the purposes stated in (section 5 of this privacy policy), in particular for marketing and administrative purposes and to ensure the functionality of the website. This data is also required to correctly provide and optimise the content of the website, to ensure the long-term functionality of our IT systems and the website and to provide law enforcement authorities with the information they need for criminal prosecution in the event of a cyber attack.

We have integrated various services (e.g. marketing, analyses, pixels, cookies, etc.) on our website. Data processing by these services only takes place after you have given your consent. This relates in particular to the following services:

  1. Contact form: If you send us enquiries via the contact form, your details from the enquiry form, including the contact details you provide there, will be stored by us for the purpose of processing the enquiry. We will not pass on this data without your consent. Which personal data is transmitted can be seen from the input mask used for this purpose.
  2. Newsletter data: You have the option of subscribing to a newsletter on our website. Which personal data is transmitted can be seen from the input mask used for this purpose. We use this data exclusively for sending the requested information. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.
  3. Search subscription: We offer you the opportunity to take out a free search subscription on the website. With this, you tell us your preferences regarding the property you are looking for. The personal data that is transmitted can be seen from the input mask used for this purpose. As soon as your search criteria match a property, you will be informed by e-mail. You have the option of cancelling your search subscription at any time.

Consent is not required for services that are necessary for the functioning of the website. If consent has not been given for non-essential services, these will not be used when you access the website.

14. Services / Online tracking and online advertising technologies

Social Media

We may have a presence on social networks and other platforms operated by third parties. We receive data from you and the platforms when you come into contact with us via our online presence (e.g. when you communicate with us, comment on our content or visit our presence). At the same time, the platforms evaluate your use of our online presence and link this data with other data about you known to the platforms (e.g. about your behaviour and preferences). They also process this data for their own purposes under their own responsibility, in particular for marketing purposes and to control their platforms (e.g. which content they display to you).

We may redistribute content published by you (e.g. comments) ourselves (e.g. in our advertising on the platform or elsewhere). We or the operators of the platforms may also delete or restrict content from or about you in accordance with the usage guidelines (e.g. inappropriate comments).

We currently use the following platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok


Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google LLC (‘Google’). Google Analytics uses ‘cookies’, which are text files stored on your computer, to help the website analyse how users use the site. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website (including your IP address) is transmitted to a Google server in the United States and stored there. Google Analytics cookies are stored in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, point (f), of the GDPR. The website operator has a legitimate interest in analysing user behaviour in order to optimise both its website and its advertising.
Google Analytics Terms of Service (external link)

IP anonymisation

We use Google Analytics in conjunction with the IP anonymisation function. This means that your IP address will be shortened by Google within member states of the European Union or in other contracting states of the Agreement on the European Economic Area before being transmitted to the United States. Only in exceptional cases will the full IP address be transmitted to a Google server in the United States and shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage to the website operator. The IP address transmitted by your browser as part of Google Analytics will not be combined with other Google data.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a solution with which we can manage website tags via an interface and thus integrate, for example, Google Analytics and other Google marketing services into our online services. The tag manager itself, which implements the tags, does not process any personal user data. To find out more about how users’ personal data is processed, please refer to the following information on Google services.
Google Tag Manager Terms of Service (external link)

Google reCAPTCHA

Our website uses Google reCAPTCHA from Google LLC. Google reCAPTCHA is a security query service for the purpose of recognising and distinguishing data input by humans or computer programs and is used to prevent unsolicited information from being delivered. For this purpose, Google reCAPTCHA analyses the user’s behaviour on our website based on various characteristics. This analysis begins automatically as soon as the user visits our website. When entering data, the user is then asked to answer a security question. For analysis purposes, Google reCAPTCHA evaluates various information (for example, IP address, time spent by the user on the website or mouse movements made by the user). The data collected during the analysis is forwarded to Google LLC. The Google LLC Privacy Policy provides information on the collection, processing and use of personal data.

Google Maps

This website uses Google Maps API to visually display geographical information. When using Google Maps, Google also collects, processes and uses data about visitors’ use of the map functions. You can find more information about how Google processes data in the Google Privacy Policy.
Google Privacy Policy (external link)


This website uses plug-ins from YouTube, a site owned by Google. The operator of the pages is YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, United States. When you visit one of our pages featuring a YouTube plug-in, a connection to the YouTube servers is established. This informs the YouTube server about which of our pages you have visited. If you are logged into your YouTube account, you allow YouTube to assign your surfing behaviour directly to your personal profile. You can prevent this by logging out of your YouTube account.
YouTube Privacy Policy (external link)

AddThis social plug-ins

Our website uses social plug-ins (‘plug-ins’) from the bookmarking service AddThis, which is operated by Oracle America, Inc. ("Oracle") 1900 Oracle Way, Reston, VA 20190, USA. When you visit a page on our website that contains such a plug-in, your browser establishes a direct connection to the AddThis servers. The content of the plug-in is transmitted directly to your browser by AddThis and integrated into the page. Through the integration, AddThis is informed that your browser has visited the corresponding page of our website and stores a cookie on your end device to identify your browser. This information (including your IP address) is transmitted by your browser directly to an AddThis server in the United States and stored there. AddThis uses the data to create anonymised user profiles which serve as the basis for the personalised and interest-based advertising targeting of visitors to websites with AddThis plug-ins. Please refer to the AddThis Privacy Policy for the purpose and scope of the data collection, as well as the further processing and use of the data by AddThis.
AddThis Privacy Policy (external link)

Wüest Appraisal

On our website, users can perform a quick valuation of their property. The data entered is transmitted to Wüest Appraisal to create the valuation. Wüest Appraisal stores and processes the data, which is then transmitted to ImmoSky AG. Wüest Appraisal uses user data for market research and public opinion polling. Wüest Appraisal uses data for this purpose exclusively in anonymised form and only for statistical purposes.
JESTIMONLINE Terms of Service (external link)


We use the Chatlio chat module on our website. The provider is the company Chatlio, located at 1329 N 47th St #31231, Seattle, WA 98103, United States.
Chatlio Privacy Policy (external link)


We use the jacando HR management tool for job postings and applications.
jacando Data Protection Information (external link)

15. Final provisions

This privacy policy may be amended at any time without prior notice. The current version published on our website shall apply. If the privacy policy is part of an agreement with you, we will inform you of the change by e-mail or other suitable means in the event of an update.