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Home owners often find the process of selling confusing and time-consuming.
Is now a good time to sell? What market price can you expect for your house at the moment? How do you find the right buyer?
We will provide you with optimum support throughout the marketing process and offer a comprehensive service.

The first step towards selling your house is working out its market value. Use the online valuation tool for a rough estimate.

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Our services at a glance


Expert knowledge

Experience makes all the difference

  • Professional property valuation
  • Regional expertise
  • Conducting viewings
  • Identifying creditworthy potential buyers
  • Handling the contract of sale, incl. accompanying you to the notary’s office


Comprehensive service

  • Your estate agent is your personal contact
  • Partnership tailored to you
  • Informative client portal for maximum transparency
  • Broad range of expertise available in-house
  • Existing database of potential buyers

Professional presentation

  • Bespoke marketing strategy
  • Producing sales literature (particulars, flyers, etc.)
  • Professional internal, external and 360° photography 
  • Videos (both internal and drone footage)
  • Marketing on social media and property websites

Would you like professional assistance with the sale of your house?
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Successful house sales

What is the key to a successful house sale?

At ImmoSky, you will find a personal estate agent who will guide you through the entire sale process both skilfully and professionally. From finding the right buyer for your property to signing the contract at the notary’s office, we will be with you every step of the way. We will use our wealth of experience and expertise to make the best possible sale for you.

 Further details about  the sales process

Valuing your house

A professional property valuation is the first step towards a successful sale. All you have to do is submit some basic details like the floor area in square metres, the number of rooms and year of construction, then provide a realistic assessment of the fit-out standard, condition, etc. We use a recognised valuation tool by a well-known specialist company. This means our experts have access to an extensive database with countless comparable transactions. Based on these, we work out a competitive price in the current market.

Online home value estimator   Real estate valuation

Checklist: documents for a house sale

You should keep these documents to hand for a quick sale:

  • Complete, up-to-date land register entry 
  • Construction plans, floor plans
  • Property insurance paperwork (policy)
  • Household bills from the last two years 
  • Official appraisal (if available)
  • List of investments made

Our estate agents will, of course, help you to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Presenting your house attractively

If you want to sell a property, there are a few points to remember when it comes to optimum presentation. Before the sale, the first step is to have appealing photos taken and then market the property in the most attractive, eye-catching way possible. You can do this yourself, of course, but it is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional estate agency like ImmoSky to ensure a faster, more profitable sale. With the help of your personal estate agent and the marketing services we offer, you will be able to show your property in the best light.

You can find more information about our marketing activities here:

Real estate marketing

Our ethos



With our marketing skills, your chances of selling will skyrocket.



We will support you through every phase of the marketing process with our expertise and experience.



Your objectives and needs are our top priority. We are passionate about selling.



We have extensive experience of selling property.


Regional presence

We work hand in hand, locally and regionally.



We have a large network and an up-to-date database of interested parties.

What costs are involved in selling a house?

  • 1. Legal expenses - The sale of a property only becomes legally valid with a notary public


    The sale of a property only becomes legally binding once it has been notarised. Legal fees therefore become payable for when the contract of purchase and/or sale is concluded. However, these costs vary by canton. It is worth asking for quotations.

    Regardless of whether you are selling a house, an apartment or a building plot, the sale of your property only becomes binding when it is legally certified.

    • The notary acts as a neutral registrar between the two parties – seller and buyer – and drafts the contract of sale.
    • Once the contract has been signed by both parties, the notary also reports the transfer of ownership to the land registry.
  • 2. Taxes - property gains tax and real estate transfer tax


    When a plot of land or house is sold in Switzerland, property gains tax becomes payable. This is calculated based on the net profit from the sale and is payable by the seller. In some cantons, real estate transfer tax also has to be paid.

  • 3. Land registry charges and fees for the mortgage certificate - vary from canton to canton


    Land registry charges also vary from canton to canton. In some cantons, the fee for the land register entry is based on the time it takes to process, but most charge a flat rate. Expenses are charged separately.

    Fees for the mortgage certificate are based on the amount borrowed.

  • 4. Estate agency commission - it is worth instructing an estate agent to handle the organisation


    Selling a detached house or multi-family dwelling is time-consuming and involves a lot of organisation, so it is worth instructing an estate agent to handle this side of things.

    Estate agents have all sorts of responsibilities.

    • Acquiring new clients
    • Advising and supporting existing clients and prospects
    • Marketing property comprehensively
    • Conducting viewings

    Their focus is always on selling your property, of course. The estate agent will accompany you throughout the sales process, right up to notarisation. Commission is payable for this work – but only in the case of a successful sale. The seller usually pays the estate agency fees. The charges are set out in an estate agency contract.

  • 5. Additional costs - bear these in mind


    There may be additional costs associated with your house sale, such as an early repayment fee for redeeming your mortgage before the end of its term. Fees may also be payable for obtaining documents or an energy performance certificate.

Frequently asked questions about selling a house

  • How do I find the right buyer for my house?


    Not everyone who is interested in your property will be a potential buyer. Our experience allows us to identify serious, creditworthy prospective buyers over the phone by asking specific questions. 

    We will find qualified prospects and promising sales leads for you by using our database of potential buyers and our large network to your advantage.

    • We compare what your property has to offer with the search criteria listed by the potential buyers in our database.
    • We work hand in hand, locally and regionally.
    • Active internal communication about prospects and offers enables us to multiply your chances of success.
    • We have an extensive external network too.
    • We will only show your property to selected individuals and check their motivation and creditworthiness.

    With this approach, new owners will quickly be found for your house and the contract of sale will soon be signed.

  • How do I get a good price for my house?


     There are a few things to remember to help you get the best possible price for your house. We will work with you to develop the right strategy for marketing your house at an attractive price which appeals to prospective buyers and generates a large number of viewings. The right marketing strategy also includes making the perfect first impression on potential buyers.

    Find out more about the marketing options:
    Go to marketing property

  • Is there such a thing as the right time to sell?


    There are no hard and fast rules about the best time to sell: it all depends on you.

    You decide when the ideal time to sell is. However, various factors affect the probability of a successful sale, such as the current market situation, cut-off dates for taxes, completion deadlines and acceptance periods for new builds or conversions, and local specifics. Your personal estate agent at ImmoSky will be happy to advise you.
    If you see your house purely as an investment property. the ideal time to sell is when mortgage interest rates and/or the Swiss National Bank’s base rate are low. 

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