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* The results of the mortgage calculator are based on assumptions and reference figures as well as the details input by the user. ImmoSky AG accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the details input by the user or the results of the calculations made on the basis of this data. Users make arrangements based on the results of the calculations at their own risk. The results of the calculations are not recommendations. ImmoSky AG does not therefore provide advice with the mortgage calculator. Users are responsible for interpreting the results of the calculations. ImmoSky AG accepts no liability for any damage that may arise from using or accessing the mortgage calculator.

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Frequently asked questions about mortgages

  • What documents do I need to enquire about financing?


    To check an enquiry about financing, banks need documents relating to the property in question and your current financial situation.
    Any missing paperwork will delay the process, so please have the following documents to hand:

    download Checklist for financing enquiries

    You are welcome to contact us if you do not yet have all these documents and we will help you to obtain them.

  • When is the right time to ask ImmoSky about finance?

    • If you want to know your budget before you start looking for a property
    • If you already have a specific property in mind
    • If you want to seek a second opinion or offer from a lender other than our usual bank
  • How much equity do I need to get a mortgage?


    You need equity of at least 20%, whereby 10% must be real cash. Examples include savings, a savings balance from the 3rd pillar or advances against inheritance. A pension fund balance, for instance, is not classed as real cash.

  • What formulas does the online mortgage calculator use?


    The commitment to finance your dream home is no coincidence. Interest, amortisation (repayment), maintenance and ancillary costs may not exceed 33 % in relation to the remaining gross income. You need at least 20 % equity capital, 10 % of which must be real equity capital. Credit balances from the pension fund are not real equity.

    To calculate affordability, we use a mortgage interest rate of 5 % and ancillary costs of 1 % of the purchase price of the property, thus creating a solid long-term basis for your financing.
    For this calculation, it is assumed that the second mortgage will be fully paid off within 15 years.

  • Which property can I afford?


    Interest, monthly repayment (amortisation), maintenance and ancillary costs may not exceed 33% in relation to the remaining gross income. This is a prerequisite for a financing commitment with a financial institution.

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